Monday, August 16, 2010

The Journey Of Success..

When choosing the path to follow,I
selected the road heading west.
It began in the forest of childhood,
and ceased in the city of success.

My bag was packed full of knowledge,
but also some fears and some weights.
My most precious cargo was a vision
of entering the city's bright gates.

I reached an impassable river,and feared
that my dream had been lost.
But I found a sharp rock,cut down
a tree,and created a bridge,which I crossed.

It stared to rain,and I was so cold,
I shivered and started to doubt.
But i made an umbrella out of some
leaves,and kept all the cold water out.

The journey took longer than i had planned;
I had no food left in my dish.
Rather than starve before reaching
my dream,I taught myself how to fish.

I grew awfully tired as I walked on and on,
and I thought of the weights in my pack.
I tossed them aside,and I sped up
again.Fear was all that was holding me back.

I could see the city of success,just
beyond a small groove of trees.
At last.I thought, I have reached my
goal!The whole world will envy me!

I arrived at the city,but the gate was
locked.The man at the door frowned
and hissed,
"You've wasted your time.I can't
let you in.Your name is not on
my list."

I cried and I screamed and I kicked and I
shook;I felt that my life had just
For the first time ever.I turned my head,
and for once in my life faced the east.

I saw all the things I had done on
my way,all the obstacles I'd overcome.
I could'nt enter the city,but that
did'nt mean I had'nt won.

I had taught myself how to ford rivers,
and how to stay dry in rain.
I had learned how to keep my
heart open,even if sometimes it lets
in some pain.

I learned,facing backwards,that life
meant more than just survival.
My success was in my journey,not
in my arrival.

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